A quick illustration of the Project's main facts & figures and achieved results in a condensed manner.

4helix+ has set up a transnational database of Knowledge Providers, i.e. Cultural and Creative Industries and ‘new innovation agents’ in view of promoting their innovation skills and expertise within...

In the framework of the 4helix+ Call for Innovation Vouchers, the Project Consortium is happy to announce that the selection process of companies which applied for a €10.000 grant for innovating in...

Opportunity for CCI and CCS experts as ultimate recipients of €480.000 for providing their innovation expertise to selected companies. (NEW DEADLINE: April 30th)

Extraordinary opportunity for creativity experts, open innovation communities, “manufacturers of ideas”! (deadline extended until April 4th!)

The 4helix+ project is offering €480.000 under the form of innovation vouchers to 48 selected blue sector Mediterranean MSMEs and Start-Ups for implementing small-scale innovation.

4helix+ aims at stimulating, coaching and funding innovation within the Blue Growth sectors in the Mediterranean (MED) area.