Innovation Vouchers

The 4helix+ Innovation Voucher Call has offered MSMEs/Start-Ups operating in blue growth sectors or blue economy (fishing, aquaculture, coastal and maritime tourism, shipbuilding, blue biotechnologies etc.) the possibility to explore a business opportunity or solve a small-scale innovation related problem by acquiring knowledge and coaching services supplied by a registered Knowledge Provider who helped the company develop such an innovation project.

Knowledge Providers within the 4helix+ are Research Development and Innovation bodies and skilled enterprises belonging to the Cultural and Creative industries, or Non Institutional New Innovation Agents (such as fab-labs, maker spaces, co-working spaces, creative hubs, living labs, tech shops, contamination labs, etc.). They had to be registered in the Project’s transnational database (The 4helix+ Knowledge Providers Gallery) by 31st March 2019 in order to be eligible for selection by the companies applying for Innovation Voucher.

The goal of the Innovation Voucher Call was thus to help MSMEs to design and/or create, through small innovation projects, new products, services, processes or business models. For this purpose, the consortium had a budget of 480.000€ in innovation vouchers, amounting to €10.000 per project, that were be granted upon evaluation to 48 MSMEs/Start-Ups located in pilot projects’ regions (6 vouchers were available for each target region).

Therefore, blue sector SMEs/Start-Ups that applied for 4helix+ Innovation Voucher had to select a registered Knowledge Provider  in order to acquire knowledge and be assisted in its project proposal elaboration and, if awarded, project implementation.

The Call for 4helix+ Innovation Vouchers was launched on February 1st 2019 and remained open for three months.