Knowledge Providers

Call for Knowledge Providers

In November 2018 the 4helix+ project has launched a Call for Expressions of Interest (Call for EoI) with the aim of setting up a transnational list of Knowledge Providers (KPs).

It is envisaged that the KPs accredited in the 4helix+ KPs list (Knowledge Provider Gallery) will have the opportunity to:

a) Gain the visibility at transnational level and broaden their professional network through the 4helix+ Cyber Space, an innovative and interactive open space platform, where their profiles will be published and promoted among blue SMEs community;
b) Take advantage of the networking opportunities organized by the project, both virtual and real (Regional Infodays, brokerage events, Roadshows, Transnational Conference in Seville, Matchmaking Environment…) to meet potential business clients and professional peers and exchange ideas and explore collaboration opportunities;
c) Apply for the Travel Fishes to participate to the key networking events foreseen by the project: Blue Bootcamps in 8 pilot regions involved in the project  and Transnational Brokerage Event in Zadar (Croatia);
d) Jointly draft and present innovation-driven project proposals in collaboration with Blue SMEs/STARTUPS to be awarded with 4helix+ Transnational Innovation Vouchers. A total amount of €480.00,00 will be allocated to at least 48 projects, for funding the coaching services provided by involved KPs to support the SMEs in identifying breakthrough solutions and engage in innovation process. Selected innovative projects have to be concluded within six months.

The KPs will thus, support the implementation of an Innovation Voucher mechanism by coaching SMEs/STARTUPS from the Mediterranean Regions involved in the 4helix+ project activities and operating in the blue growth sectors, to generate new ideas, test new products, processes, services, business models and marketing strategies.

The support of KPs will focus on strengthening traditional and emerging economic activities related to the maritime economy with innovative business ideas, through  transferring of knowledge and creative breakthrough solutions to blue SMEs and through identification and sharing of innovative experiences, such as spatial cross-sectoral collaboration (where  intersectoral  innovation  has  special conditions  to  occur:  incubators,  FabLabs,  coworking spaces..).

Essential skills KPs should master:

  • Spot disruptive start-ups, identify emerging technologies, track latest trends;
  • Scout and support most innovative ideas being turned into new products and services;
  • Stimulate personal abilities (ability to think laterally or in a non-linear way, to be imaginative);
  • Challenge the company's self-perceptions and design and deliver innovation capacity building activities and curriculum (e.g. teaching individuals and teams on how to design and use open innovation processes, design thinking, creativity and/or other relevant topics).

Read the official text of the Call on the dedicated 4helix+ Cyber Space.