4helix+ Blue Info Days held in Thessaloniki

The Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized two 4helix+ Blue Info Days for MSMEs/Start-Ups, on 26 February and on 16 April 2019 respectively.

During the events, altogether 19 MSMEs from the Region of Central Macedonia (Greece) operating in blue growth / blue economy sectors (fishing, aquaculture, coastal and maritime tourism, shipbuilding, blue biotechnologies etc.) were informed about the possibility to explore a business opportunity or solve a small-scale innovation related problem through the use of a voucher of 10.000 €, in co-operation with registered Knowledge Providers, who will help them develop an innovation project.

Examples of such innovative projects were presented, while light was shed on the 4helix+ Innovation Voucher Call and the mechanism of granting a budget of 480.000€ in innovation vouchers, amounting to €10.000 per project, to up to 48 MSMEs/Start-Ups located in pilot projects’ regions (6 vouchers available for each target region).

MSMEs were also informed about intellectual rights protection procedures.