The 4helix+ Transnational Brokerage Event (Zadar, 11th April 2019)

The 4helix+ Transnational Brokerage Event took place in Zadar on April 11th, and was organised by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce - Zadar County Chamber, a 4 helix+ Project Partner.

The 4helix+ Transnational Brokerage Event (TBE) was conceived as the 4helix+ conclusive brokerage event, gathering together registered Knowledge Providers and SMEs/StartUps from the whole MED area and offering effective matchmaking between them.

Originating from their previously stimulated interest in finding a transnational partner (company or expert, respectively) for jointly developing a small scale innovation project under the 4helix+ Innovation Voucher scheme, the TBE was meant to facilitate these initial contacts between the two categories and for exploring their potential cooperation. The Event indeed followed the eight preparatory "warm up" brokerage events represented by the Blue BootCamps*.

The Event was the occasion to present in detail the terms of the 4helix+ Call for Innovation Voucher and answer many specific questions by the present companies regarding applying for the Call, related selection criteria, the timing, project implementation, voucher payment periods etc.
Subsequently all the SMEs that have registered on the Project’s online Cyber Space in view of applying for an Innovation Voucher, were briefly presented.

The 4helix+ Cyber Space was also presented illustrating this highly effective online matchmaking tool of the project. Indeed, based on the elements and key words provided by the Knowledge Providers (KPs) on one side and SMEs on the other, thanks to the specific algorythms the most matching counterparts are identified, thus falicitating the companies and KPs in further identifying their best match.

A small SME Fair took place within the event, where companies could present their products and services, with the aim to attract the interest of Knowledge Providers and stimulate their innovative ideas for the companies.

A series of successful individual B2B meetings were arranged, where KPs and SMEs could start their initial evaluation of potential innovation projects to be developed together and for whose implementation they would jointly apply for funding through the 4helix+ Innovation Vouchers.

*The 4helix+ Blue BootCamps took place in each of the eight project pilot regions over the past two months and were made of innovation stimulating and coaching activities, as well as of initial matchmaking activities among local SMEs and Knowledge Providers (KPs) also from other MED areas. The purpose of the 4helix+ Blue BootCamps was that of exploring potential cooperation between Knowledge Providers and SMEs/StartUps based on evaluating the degree of matching of skills/services offered by the KPs on one side and innovation needs/ambitions by the SMEs on the other. Matchmaking activities in fact consisted of pitch presentations by Knowledge Providers on one side and SMEs/Start-Ups on the other, and subsequent B2B meetings organised among the potential matches between the two categories.