4helix+ Road Shows: showing off the successful blue innovation model of the 4helix+

One of the main objectives of the 4helix+ project has been to increase awareness and understanding about the competitiveness advantage of Blue growth through 4helix+ model, between and across stakeholders of the 8 involved regions.


Thanks to increased awareness of regional/national policy makers towards blue economy and 4helix+ results, it is expected that the innovation process followed within the project and the results obtained are embedded within the regional RIS3 strategies of the 8 involved territories.

In order to increase the impact of the project results into the regional and national RIS3 strategies and/or other relevant regional plans and programs, it was planned to organise 24 targeted 4helix+ regional, national, macroregional road-shows (3 per pilot partner) focusing on multilevel public institutions in charge of RIS3 definition or financing initiatives. Road-shows were designed to favour transferring of results and practices with regional, national, macroregional policy makers and targeted stakeholders (from business support organisations to ministries).

Each pilot partner had to organise at least 3 road-shows dedicated to well identifies regional, national or macroregional private and public stakeholders, presenting the 4helix+ successful transnational showcases and the transferring multimedia tools offered by the 4helix+.

In total 24 road-shows have been organised within the 8 involved regions. The activities had to be organised from the moment the first results could be explained until the end of the project. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some roadshows have been organised virtually, even if the initial idea was to celebrate it in person.

The official project deliverable reporting on the details about all the Road-shows organised by the single pilot Project Partners is available hereinafter.