The last 4helix+ Project meeting

The conclusive 4helix+ Steering Committee Meeting took place virtually on 23rd October 2020, on an online platform.

In view of the imminent official closure of the project (31st October next), since most of the activities of the project have been recently concluded, an overview of the remaining activities was made. These refer primarily to reporting, i.e. reporting on the project activities implemented over time, and final reporting of administrative and financial nature.

MED Project Officer, Ms. Maria Groueva, joined the meeting and actively participated in the discussion on the 4helix+ pilot action, showing interest in some particular aspects that could be of relevance for the next MED programming period.

SVIM, the project Lead Partner, as well as the whole partnership expressed their great satisfaction with the results achieved and prospects for a follow up in terms of project’s capitalization. 

Mutual appreciation was expressed for excellent cooperation among Project Partners, for the good work spirit, and for human and friendly attitude among all the Partners. 

The Partners exchanged a virtual hug with a promise to look for new ways to cooperate and bring forward the success of the 4helix+.