Longterm capitalisation

Legacy of the 4helix+

4helix+ aims to contribute to relevant EU macro-regional strategies, RIS3 and innovation policies at the MED level and beyond, even after the project's end.
A portability methodology and plan has been drafted for this purpose, based on the project's experience and results achieved.

The main objective of the 4helix+ Plan of Results’ portability is to facilitate operational indications and
steps for the implementation of the project’s transferring strategy by the Project Partners. within their respective territories. 
The main objective of transferring activity is to work hand in hand with our stakeholders to transfer the 4helix+ model and methodology, once tested and refined, through a complete set of activities, and to influence regional RIS3strategies and contribute to establish Blue Growth a more visible Horizontal priority cutting across many other RIS3 priorities in the Regional/National Operative Programs.

The 4helix+ Plan of Results Portability has been designed in such a way so as it helps embedding the tested innovation process, optimizes its value, enhances its impact and facilitates its integration at policy level. The Plan thus pays particular attention to the sustainability of the results and the enhancement of its impact on regional level, and to the involvement of stakeholders.

The document outlines the methodology that should be followed for a correct implementation of
the 4helix+ transferring phase.

The Plan of Results Portability is also intended to provide a specific assessment on regional policy context
and opportunities for policy change, paying specific attention to the Albanian Case.

Finally, it aims at providing Partner regions with detailed information regarding target groups, transferring
campaign methodology, transferring tools, mapping of stakeholders. It also makes a comparative analysis
and detailed criteria for the implementation of specific tools and events included in the transferring activity.

The 4helix+ Plan of Results Portability